Monday, 16 August 2010

Mangthong United Vs Bangkok Glass - preview, special interview

This Wednesday at 1800, Muangthong meet Bangkok Glass. Forget the fact that the 'Glass Rabbits' have struggled this season. They may have failed to mount the title challenge they expected, but the boys in green would gladly throw a spanner in our own title charge. After all, this is the side that knocked us out of the FA Cup last season, proceeded to beat us in the (not so) Super Cup in pre-season and still had the gall to strike a last minute winner against us at the LEO Stadium to inflict our first league defeat of the season.

Still not satisfied, the big spending and well supported club that would take our title as the "biggest club" in a nanosecond should we ever falter, snapped up Chonburi's attacking midfielder Michael Byrne from under our noses. Ready to even the score? So am I.

Standing in the way of Muangthong's quest for football revenge lies a set of high profile personalities signed during the transfer window. Michael Byrne has already scored for his new side, Peter Lang has already won the club about three thousand new female fans and the familiar face of Moussa Sylla has settled in very quickly.

But the big names don't stop there. Bangkok Glass have also found fame through the face of their own resident super-hero, BG Man. I'm now pleased to present an interview that was conducted with BG Man at a top secret location earlier this week.

Sorry to spring this on you so quickly but it is the question the world needs to know: how many Weetabix can BGMan eat in one sitting?
That’s a toughie… I haven’t really counted, but I think I’d estimate, probably, about, in the region of 748….. give or take 1 or 2.
I need my fair share to keep my super powers (supersonic awesomeness and bionic ego ability) at optimum levels.

BG Man performing his duties.
We know that with great power comes great responsibility, but what are BGMan's responsibilities?
There are many, many responsibities in the life of a superhero, too many to list, but here are the main ones : Protecting the Rabbit Girls, protecting children, saving endangered species, saving the world from impending doom and posing for photos.

Is Buriram Man your nemesis? Could this be the conflict that wipes out humanity?
No, not really. He isn’t really fit to tie my cape, neither is his little sidekick down at Buriram FC. You remember all those copycat Batman’s in The Dark Knight? Well, he is a bit like that. I’ve told him many times, I don’t need help saving the world, but he doesn’t listen. The difference between me and him is ‘I’m not wearing hockey pads’.
And for the record… I don’t rate Spiderman highly either… You can tell him I said that if you like..

Switching to more mortal matters: Bangkok Glass have signed some big names in the transfer window, which one was the most exciting? Which one is your favourite?
There has been some big name signings, but lets remember that they were more excited about working along side BG Man.
Quote - Peter Lang : ‘Yes, BG Man is my hero’.
Quote - Michael Byrne : ‘It’s those sexy lycras, they really do something for me.’
But the player who I have long admired and who I think will make the biggest difference to our team is your old buddy Moussa Sylla. He is very under-rated. I was chuffed to bits when we landed him.

Last time we met, BG won the match but went on to lose several games. You've changed coach since then, how have things changed?
It’s still hard to say. On the pitch, we are still inconsistent, although possibly not as much as under Surachai. Under Surachai it never looked like it could be addressed, whereas under Carlos, it looks like we are get things in order sooner rather than later. Off the pitch there is a more confident air around the club these days. Nearly all of the ex Krung Thai players are now gone and there is a freshness about things. Our future plans are very ambitious and exciting. As sad as I am to see many of them go, I think it needed to happen if we are to move forward.

How many fans do you expect to bring to the Thunderdome? Will they be as noisy as Chonburi and Thai Port?
A bit disappointed it’s on a Wednesday. A number of fans have already said they can’t make it due to work etc, but I still think we will bring our fair share, 1000+
We will be noisy no doubt, but we don’t have the same dislike for MTU that a lot of Chonburi & Thai Port fans have. I’m sure we will be noisy but in a different way.

What will be the game plan for this match for BG?
To win. That’s exclusive inside knowledge. I hope I haven’t given too much away ;)

What is the aim for: a) the rest of this season? 
Well, we have made a real pig’s ear out of this season, so in terms of the league, I think we’d be happy to settle with top 4 as long as we win a cup. We are putting a lot on and off the pitch into the Singapore Cup quarters against South Melbourne, but it won’t be easy.

and.... next season?
We HAVE to be in the title race until the death, hopefully winning it and if we do fall short, the F.A Cup is a must. BG are trying to promote the club outside of Thailand, so we will expect to qualify for Asian competition. Simply put, we cannot have another season like this one.

Any message for the Thong fans or the Quilins?
Bangkok Glass and Muang Thong have a close relationship as clubs and as fans as seen on many occasions, such as the fan club match at the LEO stadium between the 2 sets of fans earlier this season as well as the get together at the Singha Football 7 a-side finals at central Lad Prao. I also remember a huge number of MTU fans celebrating with us for over an hour after BG beat MTU with a last minute goal at the LEO. Personally, I really respect your team and especially your fans. I hope our relationship continues. I’ve got to admit a big admiration for Kawin too.
Good luck for the rest of the season after this game, and especially in the AFC Cup.

Needless to say, many thanks to BG Man for taking time out of a superhero's schedule to speak with a mortal such as myself. Good luck to BG in his battle against Buriram Man and his minions.

Picture credits: , BG Man 

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