Tuesday, 23 November 2010

FA Cup final preview part 1 - Rene Desaeyere

As part of a preview for Sunday's big cup final, I spoke to Muangthong United team manager Rene Desaeyere about player fitness, expectations of the game and transfers. This is what he had to say.....
Is everyone fit for Sunday? 
No, Kawin is injured and Christian is suspended...

Because of the red card against Rayong? 
[At this point the telephone reception became bad and I couldn't catch Rene's first words]
I think that for the future of Thai football we need to give referees a higher salary and more training. I heard that their payments are very, very low. I'm not suggesting anything specific but think about the obvious problems this can produce. So not for Muangthong but for Thai football, we need to give officials higher salaries, more training and greater independence.

Have the players had a chance to rest after such a long and hard season?
No. Several players went to China for the games. The players have become exhausted and you can see it hit them sixty minutes into a game.....

Even the young players?
Yes. It's not about age, it's as much mental as it is physical. I've been a coach for many years and never have I or my players been through what we've been through in the last three months. It makes our achievements even more remarkable.

Do you expect this match to be similar to the league matches with Chonburi?

Well, I like playing Chonburi. I like their fans and I like the way they play. After us, they are best footballing team in the league. I think they may play a counter-attacking style which will make a very challenging game for us.

The match can go to penalties of course, do the players practise penalties?

Not yet!

Can you confirm Kone has signed for KV Mechelen?
Yes. It's not my decision but of course we wish him very well and I think he will be successful. It's good for players to join Belgian sides because although it's one of the weakest leagues in Europe, it's still a very good stepping stone.

Will there be new players signing after Sunday?

Oh yes! We will have some players from Ivory Coast and also a Brazilian. I think the fans will love him.

Big thanks to Rene for his time and also to the person who arranged the interview. Whatever they say about MTU, the fans, staff and players all support each other.


Please note this interview was slightly paraphrased for conciseness. Any errors are entirely my own.

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