Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Getting there

Muangthong United play their home games at the Yamaha Thunderdome Stadium, next to the Impact Arena, which is well known by Thais. It's based on Nonthaburi province, just outside the north-west border of Bangkok, inside a relatively new and interesting area called Muangthong Thani (more about that here).
The stadium is not the easiest place in the world to get to but public transport in Thailand is plentiful and inexpensive.

If you're new to Thailand or you've never been to a game before, it's probably wise to get a taxi to the stadium the first time. If you're obviously a tourist (i.e you're picking up a taxi from outside a hotel or a well touristed area like Sukhumvit) make sure you are very clear with the driver about where you are going, be sure that the driver is using the meter (if he tells you it's broken or "no use meter", get another taxi) and be sure the taxi has a number printed on the inside of the back doors. A taxi from central Bangkok could cost anywhere from 150 - 300 baht.

If you're felling a bit more adventurous, you have other choices. You could get the skytrain to Victory Monument and then get the bus number 166 (get off at the Impact Arena, look for the large halls and large signs) at a cost of about fifteen baht, or a minivan from the same place (look around for the minivan drivers and tell them you want to go to Impact Arena) for about thirty baht.
The stadium itself is well served by roads from the Bangkok side but has a few bottlenecks on the opposite side.

Near kick off time, the roads can become quite congested, so it's always wise to get there early. Journey times in Bangkok are very tough to predict because of the infamous congestion problem, it would be wise to budget for a travel time of ninety minutes or more, though in reality, it's likely to be half that, or even less. The only exception to this rule is when the Impact Centre has a show or exhibition which can cause huge traffic backup near the stadium. On these occasions it may be wise to disembark from any public transport and find another way in. If you're feeling brave, a motorbike taxi could do the trick, at your own risk.

Bear in mind that it can take a while to get a free taxi after the game.
google maps link  (English)

Map in Thai for taxis: (click on the image to go to a printable page)

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  1. Thanks for creating this blog Greg!!!

  2. Hi Greg
    If u want to get to the YAMAHA STADIUM, I recommend u to use the BTS (sky train) and then use the IMPACT LINK. U take off the BTS at MOCHIT station then you go to the exit number FOUR. You will see a large parking area. Walk straight ahead till you see the impact link (the bus which take you from BTS MOCHIT to IMPACT arena and also take you back). The bus will leave from MOCHIT for every 30 minutes which equal to the time it takes you to IMPACT. The cost is about 35-40 THB. After that, take off at the IMPACT ARENA and walk straight ahead till u see T-jucntion, turn LEFT, and you will see the most beautiful football stadium, YAMAHA STADIUM. In another hand, when u want to go back to BTS MOCHIT, leave the stadium on the gate which locate on the same side with THUNDER DOME. The bus will wait for passenger in front of the stadium. Anyway, when you take off BTS at MOCHIT , or at IMPACT,you can ask the people around there how you can go to your destination (don't ask the motorcycle driver, just people who walk around). Finally, GOOD LUCK :)