Sunday, 20 September 2009

Chula United 1 Muangthong United 1

It almost didn't happen. Sadly, it did!

Forty minutes before the scheduled kick off, the Chula Stadium was being ravaged by a thunderstorm that included a power cut, torrential rain, a tree directly struck down by lightening and a gale.

But this is Thailand and storms can come and go quickly. Still, if it had been any other ground the  nearly two hour storm could have rendered the pitch unplayable, but Chula United are the only team in the league to have astroturf. It probably saved the game.

In such conditions it was always going to be a scrappy first half. Chula looked marginally dangerous when attacking down the left wing. MT looked comfortable but nonthreatening. The second half opened up when Cheuichiew scored for Muangthiong with the help of a terrible goalkeeping error.

With a nervous looking keeper, Muangthong really should have kept up the pace but despite creating chances, they looked a little complacent. Chula made us pay on the eightieth minute with an equaliser. It shook us up and we got more shots on target but to no avail.

Overall a good, exciting game in the second half, but the Chonburi match in a few weeks just became even more crucial.

Photos from :

Can you spot me?!

 Players and staff check the pitch towards the end of the storm.

 Yaya takes on a Chula midfielder.

 Muangthong's Belgian manager, Robert Procureur , confronts Chula players after a nasty challenge on Yaya.


  1. In my opinion this is a very hard game for MTUTD. We can not control this game because CHULA get used to their field. Try on MTUTD. Thank u Greg for your attention. by khunpark

  2. There must be something about Chula Stadium that brings out the worst in managers.

    When I was there to watch Chula vs Sri Racha, Chula's idiot of a manager Carlos Ferrira(now fired) kept kicking water bottles onto the pitch, confronting the linesman and generally acting like a prat!

    I was quite pleased when I heard he'd been sacked ;)

  3. i saw pattaya play up there as well!