Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fan interview: Chris Roach

Apart from a friendly with BEC Tero yesterday (where Zesh got some good turf time), it's been a quiet week due to the international fixtures. So this seems an ideal time to publish a fan interview.

Chris "Roachy" Roach
Farang fans at MTU have inevitably been asked: "Are you Roachy?" at some point when trying to purchase tickets or talk with club officials. Even I've been asked several times, despite the fact that Chris Roach and I would be separated by several weight classes if we were boxers. The reason for this confusion is because Chris is very likely MTU's first farang (western) fan and his name has stuck with fan club leaders and club staff. Recently Chris and I discussed the changes that have happened so quickly at MTU and how he feels about them.

What was you first ever MTU game and how did you find out about the club?
My first game was when they were in Div 1... I cant remember who they were playing, but as I drove past the stadium (If you can call it that) I saw a game going on with a few (20) people cheering them on. Being a football fan I decided to go and take a look... It wasn't great but I decided to go back a few times and enjoy a nice cold beer while watching a game. The following season (Promoted to TPL) i drove past and saw a few thousand cheering the team on. It was at this point I started to go regularly... I haven't looked back since

How many fans did the club have around that time, and were they any
other farang fans?

At the beginning not many.. I think Dunc and I were the first, but I cannot be sure...

How MTU (in grey) looked back then.
How has MTU changed since your first game?
It has got massive... Although I loved the early days on Match days, you cant help but be impressed by what has happened... The growth has been great for the club, but also great for Thai football. Muang Thong kick started this massive revival in home grown football, I can only see this getting bigger and better.

When clubs see a big surge in support, there are often some long-term fans who aren’t happy about it. How do you feel about the growth of the club?
As mentioned above its great... Also as a Liverpool fan Im not complaining when Robby Fowler turns up to play a season :) John Barnes the next Manager?

What do you think lies in store for MTU for the rest of this season?
 Second place, I hope they give the manager a chance (Edit: this was before Calisto left MTU)

.....and what do you think lies in store for, say, the next five years?
Next 5 years I can see them becoming a steady force in Asian football. Many of their players have signed for the next 5 yrs and I think this will add stability. Obviously they have a major business plan and I think this will lead to the signing of big name players and this will turn into more interest in the team... Its all good and I look forward to all that is to come.

Thanks to Chris for his time.

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