Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The floods of 2011

I'm not sure how much press it's getting outside the kingdom but it's no joke:Thailand has been hit by its worse flooding in decades. Of course annual flooding is traditional, which is why houses close to klongs (dams) are built on stilts. Of late though, rainy season floods have been more deadly. This is partly due to increased runoff from northern waters because of an increase in deforestation and logging in the north. (The excellent book: "Corruption and Democracy in Thailand" claims much of that logging may be illegal and arranged by people in political power.). The second root cause is the population and urban explosion in Siam's big cities with planning and flood prevention measures not able to keep up. It's not anything to do with climate change, whatever some may claim.

National Stadium, just days before Thailand V SA
Whatever the reason, the damage is severe and has affected lives and careers as well as football. The national stadium just pulled through yesterday despite serious flooding days before. Thailand fought to a goalless draw with Saudi Arabia, Teerasil turned in a good performance and was unlucky to find himself isolated at times. The overall team performance was encouraging once again, though.

Muangthong is an area predicted to see an increase in flooding in the next few days as is the province of Nonthaburi (my home) as a whole. Bangkok's Pathum Thani- home of BG -  is also on the brink. Ayutthahaya (home of TLF's Nigel) and Nakhon Sawan are already disaster zones. The death toll is nearing 300 and as mentioned many,many more have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Readers inside Thailand can help through Pattaya One's relief fund. of through the Thai Red Cross. The "old" airport at Dong Muang currently has scored of volunteers for relief goods packing but more are most welcome, (as reported by Malky). If anyone finds a way for other countries to help, please do post.

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