Tuesday, 15 February 2011

MTU Fans Code of Conduct

Translated from the Thai version at http://www.mtufc.net
Thanks to Harrow School for the translation.

It is the aim and intent of the Muang Thong Ultra Fanclub to promote a positive and upbeat identity and to encourage the fans to cheer the team on for the full 90 minutes of each match.
In order to achieve harmony and unity amongst fans and to present a positive image, the Muang Thong United Ultra Fanclub asks for the partcipation of all it's members in complying with the regulations outlined below:

1. The Muang Thong Ultra Fan club accept and agree to comply with the following regulations:

1.1 It is prohibited to throw objects onto the pitch and Fans will refrain from doing so

1.2We will not smoke cigarettes or any other substance within the sports ground

1.3 We will not consume alcoholic bevarages within the sports ground

1.4 We will not go onto the football pitch when a match is in play

1.5 The use of any kind of firework or firecracker at matches is prohibited, and will not be brought into the grounds at the risk of injuring other

1.6 No gambling or betting of any kind is allowed at football matches

1.7 We will refrain from yelling out obscenities or using vulgar speech within the sports ground

1.8 We will not insult or verbally abuse the opponent's team players; racist comments or insults related to a person's position, skin colour, nationality or religion will not be tolerated

1.9 We will not use team or club websites as a forum for personal attacks on other teams or players as this kind of behaviour can cause negative consequences causing rifts between clubs and fans

2. Muang Thong United Ultra Fanclub firmly believes in and expresses a strict adherence to the following:

1.2 We will respect and hold in high esteem our good reputation and what it means to be a Muang Thong Ultra fan and will avoid any act that may negatively affect the reputation of the fan club or football club

2.2 We will take responsibility for scrutinising and noticing any behaviour that does not comply with the regulations as stated above (see point 1)

2.3 We will behave as civilised, courteuos and compliant citizens

2.4 We agree to show respect, goodwill and friendship to opposing fan groups, both at home and away matches

2.5 We will not resort to hooliganism at matches, whether at home or away matches or under any circumstances

2.6 We will wear red shirts at matches to show team unity at both home and away matches (team shirts or any other red shirt is acceptable)

2.7 We will cheer our team on to show support for the players and team staff

2.8 We will make every effort to support and contribute positively to the sport of football in Thailand and the football association

2.9 We will offer token gifts to the opposing fans at home and away matches as donated by the Muang Thong Ultra Fanclub ( not related to the football club)

2.10 We will move forward in unity and harmony as a group, regardless of obstacles or situations ahead, without division as a result of differing opinions. We will work together to find ways to develop our fan base in the future.

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