Thursday, 24 September 2009


A good article by Matthew on the thaileaguefootball forum:


So the TPL is blooming and fans are flocking. That’s great for all of us and the players. I went to a pre season friendly watching Exeter play Tottenham and, as some of the players got off the coach they decided they were above signing autographs by wearing a “don’t talk to me” pair of earphones. Ironically they tended to be the players no one would want photos with. I noticed the other day here I noticed that some of the players had decided to adopt the same fashion. Let’s cut that out lads. When players come off the coach they are available and needed. Let’s make sure that earphones are for the journey on the coach, but not the walk to the stadium.

Matthew also mentions that the next issue of The Big Chilli will have a large feature on MTU.

Tickets for the next home game are on sale tomorrow (Friday)

Muangthong are not the only successful club in Nonthaburi. Rajpracha FC are in the Division 2 playoffs and any support for their next game on Saturday 3rd October (Muangthong play on Sundays, so no overlap) would be brilliant. The team play at the Nonthaburi Stadium. There is no entry charge

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  1. I totally agree with you on the headphones thing. Players ignoring the fans when they get off the team bus shows contempt and arrogance which seems to plague English football.

    I've seen the same at Everton. Mostly younger players (with obligatory huge headphones that look like industrial protective wear) will walk straight past groups of kids like they are invisible, whereas good guys like Tim Cahill and Tim Howard, who have actually achieved something in their careers show the decency to sign every autograph they are asked for.

    I hope this doesn't creep into Thai Football. One of the great things about the TPL is that the players are friendly and approachable.