Monday, 16 August 2010


After another week of two 'walk offs' by lower league teams, I decided to try my luck with Dr Vichit again. I left a message on this forum which is a question forum for the TFA boss.

Dear Dr Vichit,

As an English person living in Thailand I am so pleased to see the development of Thai Football and the enjoyment it brings to the people of Thailand.

I know the Thai FA are always looking to improve the game and enable Thailand to compete at ever  higher levels. I would like to suggest that the issue of 'walk offs' is dealt with. This week, I have seen two teams (Keasestsrt FC and Chaiyapoom FC) walk off the pitch. In the past I have seen teams in the TPL including Samut Saongkhram do the same.

This worries me for two reasons. First, such actions could incite violence or other problems amongst the crowd. Secondly, it could give a negative impression of the Thai league to outsiders.

It is my belief that teams and their staff stage these 'walk offs' because they believe there will be little or no punishment. In my opinion, a heavy fine or even a points deduction or similar strong penalty would prevent repeat incidents and bring great benefit to the Thai League and its fans.

Kind regards,
I suggest you take five minutes to join the forum and do the same. You never know, Thais often do listen to foreign views of football.

If anyone has any other ways to contact the TFA, please share them.

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