Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bangkok Glass 1 Muangthong United 0

Last minute heartbreak was the order of the day as Muangthong lost 0-1 to Bangkok Glass at the LEO Stadium.

The game looked to be heading towards a goaless but entertaining draw until BG scored from a corner piece in injury time. It was a sickening blow for MTU fans in what could prove to be a landmark game in Thai football. A full house in a modern (if incomplete) stadium witnessed a game of good quality played in good spirits. Both teams had close chances and spells of possession, both teams were forced to make tactical substitutions and both sides were clearly aware and living up to the importance of the game. These are all signs of a sophisticated league.

Perhaps best of all, there was not a single stretcher show in the second half, though it must be said this was almost certainly because both teams were chasing the game to the very end.

This result will have restored confidence in Bangkok Glass who were tipped as a title challenger in pre-season. But Muangthong will be back, and BG still have to visit the Thunderdome.

Team: Kawin, Pakasit (I think) Panupong, Nattaporn, Piyachart, Sylla, Phitichipong, Yaya, Datsakorn (I think) , Kone , Christian.

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