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Next Up - Bangkok Glass


First, a little about BG courtesy of

BGFC was formed in 2006 and played in the lower divisions of the Thai leagues. In 2009 Krung Thai Bank football team were no longer allowed to continue as a football team and Bangkok Glass brought out Krung Thai FC to gain it's position in the Thai Premier league.

The majority of the Krung Thai players remained to stay with BGFC.

BGFC played the first couple of home games at the home stadium 'Leo Stadium' within the grounds of Bangkok Glass Industries (on Nakorn Nayok Road between klongs 3 & 4). Thereafter they moved to a temporary 'home' stadium on Klong 6 for the remainder of the season whilst the Leo Stadium was being redeveloped. It is currently still being redeveloped and should be ready for use for the first game of the new season on March 7th against Navy Rayong.

BG's first season in the Premier league saw them finish a highly creditable 3rd along with a quarter final exit in the FA Cup on penalties to Osotsapa and a Singapore Cup final loss against Singaporian team Geylang.

Whilst the achievements were highly impressive for a first season with the Thai elite, there is also a sense of disappointment as we were serious contenders in all three competitions, in fact leading the TPL for nearly 50% of the season.
and then, a quick interview with Andy who is the webmaster of the aforementioned website:

 1) How long have you been supporting BG and what made you choose that team?

I used to live literally 500 meters away from the stadium, which explains why I support them. I started following them at the start of last season. I noticed something going on at the stadium and did some research and found out about them, but after 2 home games, we upped sticks and moved to the old Leo whilst we redeveloped this stadium. I still followed results but it too a while to find out where we moved too, so I didn't see my first match until the 5th home game v Navy Rayong.
Since we moved back to the proper Leo, I also moved house so I'm no longer that close, but it's still just down the road for me.

2) BG were one of the favourites to challenge for the TPL title this season, but you've had a very slow start to the season, what's gone wrong?

Where do I start... There are a few reasons being banded about, my personal opinion is that (and I stated this to Marco @ Thai Port before the season started as to why I didn't think we would win the league) we signed too many unnecessary players. They are all good quality, but not really needed. We started playing players out of position, losing the balance to the team and dropping established quality such as Ajayi, Anawin and Tanut just to accommodate the new comers.

One other theory which remains to be seen is that we can't handle the pressure. We started last season so well and as soon as people started to mention us as possible contenders, we bottled it. Same in the FA Cup by the quarter finals we were favourites to win the cup and same thing. This season we started possibly favourites in some eyes and well, we'll see...

and of course there's the Thai reason. Our new shirt is bad luck ;)

3)....but you got a good result against Army FC in your latest game. Do you expect to move up the table from now on?

v Army was a much improved performance on the previous three although still no where near what we are capable of. I do expect us to climb the table, hopefully starting against Muang Thong. If we lose that we are already 9 points behind you and will have lost as many as you did all season last year.

4) Can you briefly tell us of the new signings this season for BG? Who is your star player so far?

There were many new signings during pre season all of who really impressed during that period, notably Ney Fabiano and Paul Ekollo and Saruta was simply unstoppable. However none of those have really stood out this season yet, although Saruta has shown flashes of what he is capable of.
As for star player so far, of the new signings, Sutee and of the old boys, Rungroch.

5) How is the new stadium and new astroturf? Is there a plan to increase the capacity, since it's only six thousand right now?

6,000 is the old stadium. This one officially stands at 7,500 at the mo, although we are still not 100% finished on the Warren (Regency) stand, so it should grow a little more. The temporary North stand will be replaced by a stand the same as the Warren stand at the end of this season (although maybe sooner if crowds get too big) and plans are in place for the empty side of the ground but we don't own that land. Isuzu do and are holding out for 170 million baht for it. When fully complete if all goes to plan it should be 17,000, but Thailand and plans go together like chalk and cheese.

As for the astroturf. Well it plays like a dream (I have played a full match on it). The question is whether we will benefit from it. I can't see us coping when we have to go and play away on mud bath pitches come October. Therefore I expect us to have a very good home record and a poor away record because of it.

6) What do BG fans think of Muangthong United as a club?

I'm not just saying this, but BG fans never seem to have a problem with anyone or any club at all. We really are good natured and aside from a bit of banter, we don't hate or even dislike any team (although Samut Songkhram are trying their best to get in our bad books). I've been to 3 of the 4 games against Muang Thong and there has always been a positive feeling between the two clubs.

7).....and what do they think of the fans?
As above really. There is certainly nothing at all against your fans. It would be hypocritical of any of our fans to call your fans bandwagon jumpers as we ourselves brought out Krung Thai to enter the TPL. None of our fans (me included) followed the old BG in D2.

We are also having a match at the Leo Stadium on Friday between the two respective fan clubs which I expect to retain my position as star striker for BG fan club ;)
Photos from the fan club match on my site soon....

8) What do you think the score will be for this game?

Well, we have a great record against you 3 wins, 1 defeat and we have never been beaten at home in any competition (excluding penalties).. so having said that, we will lose...

Seriously though I think we will step up our recent performances but I can only see a draw (I can feel the splinters now) maybe 2-2.

9) Anything else you want to say?
I think I've said it all except I'm looking forward to a good game and seeing some of your top players in action and most of all a great atmosphere and experience.


Andy also has the reverse interview with me here.


  1. I can confirm what Andy said in Q2 ;)

    It looks like BG's away form is their achilles heel...Same story as last season. Have a look at the difference in the teams home & away form in this chart from 2009: