Friday, 30 July 2010

Byrne quote

This is a question and answer from BGman's  (I hope BG Man will be interviewed here, soon) interview with Michael Byrne.

BG Man : The move to BG was unexpected to say the least, why did you leave Chonburi and why did you choose BG over MTU?

Michael Byrne : Sometimes it’s better to have a new challenge and for me the time was right to move. For me this year I haven’t shown my true form because I have been playing out of position and I didn’t see it changing. I spoke to the boss (Khun Supasin) and asked him about his ambitions and [they're] really high and as a footballer that’s what you want to know… Am I playing with a team who are striving to achieve things? ...and I feel coming here I will.

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