Friday, 1 April 2011

MTU Vs Buriam PEA - preview part 3

This may be the last blog that many viewers can read. Please check back later for an announcement.


There will be a pool of talented players lining up against each on Saturday and the game will be won or lost over the entire pitch, but one battle could prove pivotal.......

Buriram's Frank Ohandza has made a very strong impression since joining his new club and away fans will be looking for him to open the somewhat shaken MTU defence this weekend. I predict that he will be up against the man who has shown guts and responsibility during the tough moments so far this season, club captain Nattaporn Pannarit.

In my opinion, Nattaporn is at his best in the air or up against strength-based players. Young Frank is 5ft 9in and plays a pacy and tricky style of attack, somewhat similar to Christian. In fact, it would probably be more suitable for Panupong Wongsa to mark him.

However from the little I've seen, Frank -again, like Christian - likes to drift out right a little. Since Nattaporn usually plays left-sided CB with Wongsa on his right, the two would have to swap positions or let the captain do the honours.

If Frank drifts even further right, he will be up against a fellow youngster in left-back Weeawut Kayem. Kayem should be able to match the Cameroonian for pace and he looked very assured against TOT, let's hope he has no mental hangovers from the thumping at Saraburi.

It's an intriguing contest and will, I hope, add to the quality of the game.


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Frank -
Nattaporn -
Kayem -  Jirawat Srikong

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