Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ticket updates

It's only Wednesday and already I've had several queries about tickets for Saturday. The situation as I understand it is this: the Ultras (South) stand is almost sold out and tickets may be all gone by now. My home in the n-zone (North Stand) is about 70% sold. The East and West stands usually sell a tad slower as the price is higher and the atmosphere quieter but of course the view is better. I don't know how many tickets they have left for those stands.

Occasionally the club reserve a quota of tickets to sell on match day but I suggest not taking the risk. Tickets should be available from the usual outlets.


  1. Since my wife and I have season tickets, will the tickets that should have been for Buriram later in the year be valid for Saturday?

  2. Haha, just wanted to check. Living in Thailand, I take no chances...

  3. Good point! We're lucky supporting MTU though, they tend to be organised and logical on the whole.