Wednesday, 30 March 2011

MTU Vs Buriam PEA - preview part 2

Ahead of Saturday's big game, I caught up with Tar, the owner of the Buriram Blog  and had a chat with him - not for the first time - about footie. That's one of the magic things about football, it can cross divides of age, culture and to some degree language, and unites people.

1) What is your nickname and how old are you?
My nickname isTar, I'm 16 years old.

2) How long have you supported PEA?
From the moment they changed from PEA [Ayuthhaya] to Buriram PEA.

3) What do you like about PEA? 
The players. I liked Dudu but he went out [he left] so now I like Frank Ohndza and  Acheampong.

4) What do you know about Muangthong United?
What you told me [in your blog].

5) What do you think will be the score in this game?
I think our team has more courage [confidence] than Muangthong United because PEA are not allergic [defeated by] to any team in this Season and I think the MTU has issues [problems] with the coach

"We can win the MTU is not difficult" hahaha!

6) Which team will win the TPL? 
I think it will be Chonburi or PEA.

7) Will you be going to the match?
I might but I'm not sure.

8) Do you also cheer Buriram FC?

9) Did you buy the new Buriram PEA shirt?
Yes, both!

Thanks to Tar for his time.