Friday, 1 April 2011

A big change ahead

Good news and bad news for readers today. The good news is that this blog will be taking a huge step upwards on behalf of the entire blogging community. The bad news is that it may slow readers down, at least at first.

For a while now I've been studying Lojban, an artificial language that has been designed to be logical, culturally neutral, applicable to conversation and written form and also computer instructive. As such, it has incredible possibilities.

I think now is the time I need to start putting what I've learned into practice, and set an example for other to follow. Therefore, all new posts on this blog will be in Lojban, starting with my match report for MTU V PEA tomorrow. Important past articles, such as those in the essential guide, will be translated and re-posted in Lojban, I estimate that will take four to six months.

As such, readers will need to be competent in Lojban if they wish to keep reading. Don't worry, the language is relatively easy to learn and there are a wealth of materials to help you learn at a good pace. The benefits to learners will go way beyond reading this blog!

Here are a few example sentences to get you started:

"Good morning how are you?"
coi (pronounced "SH-oi")

"He's our best player"
ko'a traji fi mi'o fe lo ka stati lo nu boltipyjvi (not as hard to say as it looks, trust me!)

 "Today is April 1st"
 pa pi'e vo cu detri

 "The Thunderdome is beautiful"
 le Thunderdome cu melbi 

I'll try to keep tomorrow's match report simple, to get us off to an easy start. Thanks for your readership.


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  2. As an ESL major and student of linguistics, this is going to be a blast. I've never heard about Lojban until today, but I'm all for it!

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  4. mi ke'he doh

    (Thank you Ben!)

  5. Well, I just realized what day it is... :) Nevertheless, an interesting idea linguistically!