Thursday, 1 July 2010

Muangthong United Vs CAT TOT FC - Preview, fan interview

There's more to CAT TOT FC than meets the eye. As an old school corporate club that's moved location several times, you could be forgiven for thinking they should be dying a slow death. I must admit. I've recently wished a similar fate on them after their recent antics.

But as I sought out a fan interview I was surprised to find a small but very dedicated bunch of knowledgeable, unusually young and loyal supporters willing to chat. Unlike most occasions when I seek out local fans to interview, I didn't get any jibes about Muangthong, either.

But first to the game. TOT were tipped by many to be relegation candidates at the start of the season, but they've defied the odds and held a top ten position for most of the season so far, though they've now dropped to eighth. Eastern European signings have proven highly effective as has their aggressive - physically and tactically - style of play. Both sides are marketing the game as the "Nonthaburi derby", though I find that slightly dubious, as I do with some of TOT's other actions lately.

So what do TOT fans think about the club's movement, the game with Muangthong and the idea of supporting a corporate team? I asked a few questions of student Phee Teamchart, who answered every question. Thanks, Phee!

1) Why do you support ToT?

This team is the first team I saw. I supported them before your team was famous.

2) Did you watch the team in Kanchanaburi?
Yes, I did.

3) Why did ToT move to Kanchanaburi and then back to Nonthaburi?

Ummmm....I'm not sure. We think TOT moved back to Nonthaburi because of political problems. We have no standard (for TPL)stadium here, but in Kanchanaburi we did.

4) Are you happy to play at the Thunderdome?
No,it never feels like home

5) Who is your best player?

No.15, striker Tomas Kozar. He is the best player in the world! Haha!
He's the next TOT-CAT FC  legend. Good heading , great movement and a good person. If it rains, he'll score against your team! Haha!

6) What do you think of Muangthong players?
The best team right now.

7) What do you think of Muangthong fans?

They're good fans.

8) Anything you want to say to Muangthong fans?
I wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true in AFC CUP

9) Finally, what do you think the score will be in this game?

MTU 1 TOT 2 I'm confident!

Many thanks to Phee. Let's hope for a local derby style atmosphere at the game.

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