Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I'm not sure what the management of CAT TOT are thinking. In fact, I doubt they are thinking at all.

In Kanchanaburi they had a great stadium and a great catchment area for potential fans. They choose to spit on the fans they did gain and move back to Nonthaburi. Yes, the same Nonthaburi with three successful teams inside it already.

Only, when they got 'home' they realised their stadium wasn't ready (apparently they didn't check beforehand) and they decided to ground share with Muangthong. Another strain on a pitch already supporting two teams.

But if they were grateful for the assistance, they didn't show it. We've already had reports of fans hounding the referee out of the stadium after their game with Pattaya, and that was after their Georgian player decided to assault the referee in an earlier game with Saraburi.

Now comes the news that TOT have refused to accept the ten game ban on said player and are threatening to sue the TPL for "thirty to fifty million baht".
They claim they did not sign a pre-season contract of conduct that every other team signed.

How the heck do they arrive at the figure of up to fifty million baht? The prize money for winning the TPL is only ten million baht and nobody believes TOT will win it. Perhaps they were expecting to sell one hundred thousand shirts with this player's name on the back and can prove in court that they've lost one hundred thousand fans because of the punishment? Right, and perhaps I'll play for England on Saturday.

Given that TOT appear to have no respect for fans, no ambition, no code of conduct and no respect for a clearly just and deserved punishment given to them, I rather wish we'd never let them use the Thunderdome. Hope you go down, lads.

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