Wednesday, 30 June 2010

TTM Pichit 0 Muangthong United 2

Muangthong cruised to a two goal victory at TTM Pichit in a  game where the victorious side was never looking in doubt.

Muangthong's second goal was a close range smash-in by Christian that threatened to tear through the top of the net.

TTM Pichit had their player no.32 sent off in the second half for a needless shove on a Muangthong player.


  1. I just saw the goals on Siam Sport. The first one was a Kone header from a corner.

    I don't know N'Guetta (TTM number 32) was playing at? He can't have any complaints. It was a definite red card.

  2. Thanks Marco, yes I agree.