Friday, 9 April 2010

Next up - Thai Port FC

 Photo credit: Thai Port FC via
OK so actually our next opponents are VB Sport, but I think we've said all that can be said about them.

So assuming the match goes ahead (with recent political events) then it's the 'away' game against Thai Port.

This match is likely to be edgy for various reasons. The clash of fans last time has been well covered. It seemed to have settled until the TFA strangely ordered this fixture to be played at the same neutral stadium the trouble occurred in. Of course, political events could force that choice of venue to change again.

Thai Port fans have worked hard to restore the good name of the club and though MTU fans are likely to be a little worried, let's hope all goes well off the pitch. Your blogger has been upping the laps on his daily run and spending extra time on the kick bag and will use these skills to run to the food stall and/or play a fan club game before kick off at this fixture.

The team:
All you really need to know about Thai Port is here. If you have questions, I'm sure the webmaster will be happy to answer. The basics are this: Thai Port are the FA Cup champions, hailing from the well known - and slightly notorious - area of Klong Toei in Bangkok.

The province:
Klong Toi is actually a docking (hence the team name) area of Bangkok running adjacent to the Chao Phraya. It is also known for its market and has a reputation for being a working class, but friendly area.

The journey to Supalachasai is but a sky train or fifteen minute motorbike trip away for the Port fans. Most MTU fans will come in by bus either all the way or to Victory Monument, before catching the sky train.

Who to watch:
Danko Siaka staked his claim for a first team spot last Saturday and fellow African Yaya forced Navy Rayong to play a deep back line to stop him. If Thai Port play a more open game, Yaya could torment them. Nobuyuki Zaizen came on from the bench last game and immediately displayed some intelligent movement both on and off the ball.

For Thai Port Pongpipat Kamnuan may return for this game. His petulent antics during the last meeting did not endere him to Muangthong Fans, though it must be mentioned that his behaviour was typical of any number of players from any team.

I call:
MTU fans, sing up!
This is one we want to win to avenge the unfinished business at the Community Shield. Man for man, MTU are the better side and will be as motivated as the fans for this one following Procurer's warning that the team would take revenge on the pitch. However, we need a marked improvement from last Saturday's debacle. I call, once again, 3-1 MTU.

Did you know?
Despite being considered the poorest area of Bangkok, residents of Klong Toei are often noted for their generosity. The Bangkok Post's 'Spectrum' magazine recently detailed fundraising efforts for Haiti by the people of the district.


  1. Thanks for the link about the fund raising in Khlong Toei. I had no idea about that.

    Here are a couple of interesting photo sets taken in the area.

  2. Thanks Marco,

    Interesting pictures.

    I recall during the ASEAN summit here a few years back that they erected the world's biggest banner running along the Chao Phraya to hide the sight of the Klong Toei slums from the visiting rich people. Amazing Thailand!