Thursday, 11 March 2010

Back to Suphachalasai

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Amongst the news flashes from the last forty eight hours, I forgot to point out the earlier announcement that some of Thai Port's 'banned' home games will be played at Supalachasalai. Yes that's right, the venue where the trouble took place.

And, yes, MTU will be one of their opponents. But don't worry, Thai Port fans are banned from the match, Muangthong Fans are not. Of course, if someone is not wearing team colours, how do police or security know what side they are on?

I don't want to cause undue worry, but it does seem earth-shatteringly foolish to send both teams back to the venue in which the trouble happened in the first place with an (apparently) unenforceable ban in place. Sure, ninety-nine percent of Thai Port fans will be good enough to accept the ban and not attempt to enter the stadium, but it's the remaining one percent - those who are not real football fans but just tag along for the fight - that pose a violent threat anyway. All this after the FA seemed to have dealt with it so well.

I'll say no more and hope it blows over.

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