Thursday, 8 April 2010

Game on? Really?

It seems the TPL are determined to play as many fixtures as possible this weekend despite the State of Emergency deceleration. This article states that the league don't want to create any more fixture backlog and suggests they have had enough of postponments.

Initially this article was referring only to D1, but later it was amended to mention the TPL too.It does also mention that some games near the rally may have to be cancelled yet no games have been called off thus far.

In the past, MTU have cancelled games quickly and they have yet to call this one off, suggesting the clubs also want to play on.

I think this is a sensible decision. The chances of football fans getting caught up in any violence is very, very low. By definition, football colours are not political colours so there is no reason for any clashes. The only real problem could be any fans travelling to games getting caught up in the blockades. But the main rally points are in the shopping and tourist districts, and can be circumvented easily.

Of course this could all change before Sunday.

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