Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Updates...or lack thereof

MTU are in Hong Kong preparing for their AFC match against South China FC but the fallout from last Saturday's shocker continues. However, decisive action seems lacking.

Here is a slice of discussion from the Thai Football Forum, which I will link  here to avoid needless retyping. Please read the page as it gives several important updates and points to consider.


  1. Hi Greg

    here's the highlight from HK;topicseen#msg1492456

  2. Oh I'm surprise to see this blog, are you MTU supporter?

    We're happy to get one point by 9 lad.
    and then we tell South China FC "Welcome to Thailand!" : p

  3. Thanks for the link Tony!

    Wadoiji, yes I am an MTU supporter :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!