Friday, 26 February 2010

Nine men hold out, ten men go down

Two updates via

MTU get a point from Hong Kong despite going down to nine men. Video clip here

My friend fatty (remember him?) and nine other goons got a four thousand baht fine and a twelve hour  community service order each. They also made a public apology.

Now, it occured to me that my desire to lump fatty could be turned in a more positive and adult direction. I could challenge him to a Thai boxing match where the loser donates a set sum of money to a charity local to the winner's team. I would nominate the Pakkred Babies Home for my side.

The amount put up would depend on how many people were willing to contribute, we'd need to get a proper Thai boxing ref and lardy would need to understand and agree to my challenge. How could he refuse, in his current position and with such a weight advantage?  In keeping with the spirit, we both wai, smile, swap gifts etc. before I get to kick him.

It's a ridiculous idea, so ridiculous it could just work in Thailand.

Who'd like to see it?


  1. Hands up!!!

    Yeah it sounds ridiculous, but I'd like to see it!!! LOL

    I used to study at Pakkred High School when I was a teenager. So, the loser should donate some money to my school as well. 555+

    Odds update

    Greg MT : Price 2.15

    Fatty TP : Price 1.85

  2. lol to Greg & Tony!!!


  3. I hope he gets my challenge :-)