Sunday, 21 February 2010

Further reflections on yesterday's shocking events

It seems that most of my blog yesterday was surprisingly accurate. The only point I remembered wrongly was that the fence between the fans wasn't really a  fence, it was a set of the waist-high metal barricades used in car parks and the like.The Thai Port fans kicked and pulled it out of the way, rather than climbed it.

I dispute the amount of time remaining as reported by the press. We went into half time very late and started the second half very late. I'm sure there was more than ten minutes left to play.

Everything else I appear to have reported correctly. In fact, I even  mentioned the half decent fighters for MTU and where they were based. Sure enough, when I saw a youtube clip of the fracas today, I saw our biggest guy on the pitch with his shirt off. To his massive credit he was not fighting, he was taking pictures of the events, which will hopefully help police.

Speaking of which, it shouldn't be too hard to identify some of the perpetrators, as there is a lot of footage. I hope the coward wearing the shades who attacked security guards, threw items at the MTU dispersing crowds and lead the group that stole the banner is caught and thrown in jail, where he belongs.

Looking at all the video footage, it seems the violence was worse than I knew at the time. The clips are shocking and the sight of the giant MTU banner being taken with the intent of burning it illustrates just how deep the need for violence was in the offenders. This was not about resentment of MTU because of perceived bias in their favour by officials or the FA, this was about finding an excuse to behave like animals, attack people, act like a tough guy in a big group and be as provocative as possible.

The whole fiasco has made national headlines and we now await the response from the Thai FA and the police.

Bring these scum to justice you guys, and do it now.

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