Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The club shop

Note: Now Robbie Fowler has created a surge in interest for shirts and name prints, I've produced some updated details here.

The club shop at Muangthong United is located at the home ground. It's a small shop - similar to lower league club shops in the UK - but is packed with products and on match days, also packed with fans.

Products available at this time include - various T-shirts and polo shirts, school bags, flags, car stickers, mugs, small size footballs, DVDs , car window covers, scarves, posters, old match programmes , fans (as in, the things you wave to cool yourself down) and of course, team shirts.

Team shirts seem to be changing on a regular basis. The newest shirts are made by Adidas, They are red and white (home) and white and blue (away) and cost 750 baht for adults, about five hundred baht for kids. The older kit (still worn by the team) is five hundred and fifty baht for adults and three hundred and fifty for kids.

The team shirts are, right now, so popular that the club seem to get new stock in for every home game and are sold out again before kick off.

The shop itself is also very busy on match day. If you want a good look around, visit on a non-match day. It's open from 2pm to 7pm. At present, the club also sell advance match tickets in the club shop a few days before the match.

Link to the club shop  (the team shirts you see there are the older style)

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