Wednesday, 30 September 2009

An email I sent the club today

Dear sirs,

As a supporter of Muangthong United, I would like to offer a suggestion that I think fans would enjoy:give names to the stands.

As you know, many clubs in Europe name stands after famous players or managers or important victories. As a young club we may have less choice in this area but there are still options, such as the 'Kilin Stand' , 'ultra stand' or even a sponsor name e.g. 'Yamaha stand'. Perhaps supporters could have a poll for naming one stand?
It gives character and identity to the ground.

Warm regards and please take care of fans this weekend, I hear Chonburi may well bring more fans than they have tickets for.
(my name)


  1. At PAT Stadium we have 3 stands know as "Zones A,B & C".

    It doesn't exactly stir the emotions does it?!

  2. One of our stands at Bangkok Glass is called the Warren Stand (as we are the Glass Rabbits). A real play on words... ;) Although I don't know what they will do when we move back to our proper stadium.

    By the way Greg, I added a link for your site to my Bangkok Glass Website, hope this is ok with you.
    My website is :

    I read your interview with Dale, I see your first match was against us :) Great day out, even though we lost. You may have seen me, I did an interview on the pitch for ESPN before the game in front of the BGFC fans.

    Anyway, nice to meet you.