Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Name prints

Predictably, enquiries on name printing and shirt-purchasing have shot up since a certain ex-Liverpool FC legend arrived last week.  I'll answer here to save people time.

MTU shirts cost about eight hundred baht ( about 17 GBP or 27 USD) from the club shop. As far as I know the club shop does not offer a mailing service. Shirts are also sold in shopping malls such as The Mall Ngamwongwan, Central Rattathibet and The Mall Bang Khae as well as Soccermania (though that's the old shirt they are plugging) though stocks are usually limited.

Name printing costs something like 17 baht per letter and a little more for the player number. I forget the exact numbers but trust me, it's super-cheap. The printing station is outside the West Stand club shop and is open on match days. Sponsor logos such as the "Sponsor" (the name of the sports drink that, confusingly, sponsor the TPL) badge can also be provided and pressed free of charge. One hint: be very clear about what you want printed and check it with staff before they start to press. Hopefully though they are familiar with the spelling of Robbie's surname by now.


  1. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I just ordered one for myself ^_^ It will be delivered to my home in Sydney soon!!!

    This shirt costs me almost 30AUD by the way ;)

  2. may i know how did you order the shirt?

  3. Hey Sean, Tony speaks Thai I think, can you or someone with you speak Thai?

  4. Hi is this still available? How do i order? Thanks.