Thursday, 16 August 2012

MTU v Buriram preview review

Ahead of arguably the biggest game in Thai football's history ( I can hear several people jumping in line to take offence to that already!) let's take a look back at some preview build up between the MTU and Buriram PEA/United games.

Preview of MTU V Buriram PEA 2010 - An introduction to the Buriram 'experience'

Buriram PEA V MTU - the first time we realised something was deeply wrong.

MTU V Buriram 2010 build up 1

MTU V Buriram 2010 build up 2

2011 FA Cup Final report

Ben has already covered more recent meetings.

Even the 0-0 draw at home last season was a very interesting game. I expect this weekend's clash to be no different. Expect good football, expect loud cheering.

A foreign ref has been appointed for the game. No injuries emerged from the utterly pointless Thailand V TPL 'All Stars' game this week so we should have a full squad to choose from.

I envision - Kawin, Kayem, Ri, Panupong, Nawapol (?), Datsakorn, Siaka, Jakkaphan (played well last time), Pitchipong, Mario and Mui.
Bench: Kone, Adnan, Paulo, Saharut, Edivaldo, a defender and a goalie.

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