Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Envious shorts

After a 2-1 victory (Teerasil, Adnan) against BG in last weekend's charity encounter, MTU will be ready for the visit to Chiang Rai along with a returning Christian this weekend, but will CRU be ready? Their stadium needs to be double checked for safety.

The Del Piero rumour won't die, apparently his agent is visiting this weekend. I just wish we could forget about him.

A picture of Yaya with a BEC Tero scarf has sparked highly predictable rumours. We can only hope that if Yaya does return, it's with the team he helped to two TPL victories.

Right colours, wrong team


  1. Robert used to show this kind of picture before bringing T.Winothai back to Thailand from Belgium.

    And what do you think about this pic?!? I hope they only made this for fun :(


  2. I hope this Yaya to BEC is just rumor. If he does want to return to the TPL, couldn't he be a nice replacement for Teerasil?

  3. @Tony, sadly I can't see that pic as I'm not a registered user. What is it? :-)

    @Ben, Yaya is a different player to Mui, he's a wider player that relies on pace and excellent dribbling, but he can finish as well. If you haven't seen already have a look at my 2010 match reports, especially Chonburi ( http://muangthongunitedfc.blogspot.com/2010/05/mtu-4-chonburi-1-photos-and-video.html ) and look at no. 24 Yaya in action!