Friday, 6 July 2012

Christian Crusades Onwards

Matt Riley has posted a short clip ahead of the game away at Chiang Rai expressing serious concern - justified by the clip - for safety. Matt and I have witnessed safety issues before: overcrowded stands at TTM Samut Sakhon including gangways being blocked, being boxed in at Army United and the infamous Kor Royal incident so I know Matt wouldn’t express worry unless it was genuine. Stay safe, people.

Christian’s move to France is now official and makes me feel older, since I remember his debut at MTU. Chris leaves as he went in: a player with tremendous skill, (his goal in the AFC - see below - was my personal favourite), pace, dribbling, control and vision. His importance to the side was perhaps most obvious during our ultra-tight clash at home to Buriram last season when he looked our only attacking threat against the (then) solid Buriram midfield and back line.

What held him back was a rather childish petulant streak that would often cause him to expend as much effort and energy in trying to win penalties, argue with officials and get other players booked or sent off as he did on his own game. It was especially disappointing to see from a player with so much talent and strong religious convictions (he prays at the start of every game).

The move onwards has been on the cards for some time and with the reported fee of 10 million, benefits everyone. Chris has clearly not had his heart in it so far this season and perhaps a move to a country with a lower tolerance level to unsporting behaviour will bring the best out in him. At Muangthong we can only wish him all the best and say a big thank you for his service.

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