Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Transfer ins and outs

Although MTU's interest in Del Piero was released early as a little PR boost, the actual details of these and other ongoing negotiations have been a well-guarded secret even within the club.

At this stage as I have said all along, I don't believe Del Piero will sign and I say that with relief.

However Ronnarit has all but confirmed confirmed the signing of Edivaldo Rojas Hermoza, a Bolivian player out of Naval FC in Portugal.

Also inbound are North Korean Choe Kum-Sol and back-up goalkeeping in the shape of Amarin from Wuachon United.

Most likely out are Christian - that's been on the cards for some time - and Teerasil at the end of the season.

If this all stays as it stands now, I think we can commend MTU on excellent transfers.

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  1. I don't want to judge anyone based on statistics, but scoring 15 goals in 106 games for his former club is not so impressive na krub. I'm not sure if he played as an attacking midfielder or a striker at his former club!?!