Monday, 12 March 2012

New signings

Ri Kwang Chon (L) and Choe Kum-Chol (R)

Ri is a centre back and Choe is a striker. Both men have, until now, spent their entire careers in their homeland of Korea DPR and therefore we know little about them save for their national team performances. But our scouts are no fools and I'm optimistic that these two men are the final pieces of the puzzle.

If any Korean readers could suggest the best way to pronounce these names or any nicknames these players have, I'd be grateful!

After such a depressing end to last season, the close season has been managed superbly and it really is hard to imagine how the rebuilding and transfer movement could have been any better. 

Now though, the time for putting it all into action is here with a 1800 kick off this Saturday at home to Tero, meaning we're against Robert Procurer, Mika Chonessee (Thanks to all the Stattos who corrected me here - Mika is now at BKU:-) ), Rungsiyo, Nawapol Arromsowa and a whole other bunch of former MTU players. A win is vital.


  1. Any advice on getting tickets at Tero?

  2. It's a home game mate so the usual sources such as Total Reservation are your friends :-)

  3. Oops, haha. Thought it was away! Thanks!

  4. Pronounce the name just as you see it. Ri Kwang Chon is the current captain of DPR Korea and was a vital player during the successful qualification to World Cup 2010. Choe Kum Chol from when i saw hin play is very creative, perhaps the most creative and is a good playmaker for DPR Korea on a team that lacks creativity. He has good pace and good technical skills. Was impressive coming off the
    bench at world cup. Your getting some quality players for the squad.