Friday, 10 February 2012

Transfer activity updates and odd shorts

Yaya and Kone (left/right of the fan)

Ahnon's transfer/loan to Korat has now been confirmed though the length of the "loan" depends on who you ask (OS, TLO ). Korat FC's English site has a good piece on Ahnon. Good luck to him and his new club.

Still no official word on Kone's return. It's a shame, because Kone's 'Emile Heskey' style of play compliments Teerasil's technical style of play very well. "Mui" was looking isolated at times last season. That wouldn't happen with Kone backing him up and, we hope, a rejuvenated Christian on the wing.

In other speculation, Yaya has confirmed that if he did return to Thailand, it would be to MTU. Music to the ears.

Overall, the squad is shaping up well and all moves have been wise ones in my eyes. There is still a weak point in the centre-back bracket with Zesh gone and question marks hanging over the health of Oat (best wishes to him). We urgently need to find the best centre back we can get and sign him ASAP.

In my article yesterday I forgot to mention the new Buriram United website. It's excellent. Though our site has served us well, I hope we will think about spending a bit to get a top web designer in before next season.

Confirmed in:
Mario and Barakat (
Natarid Thammarossopon - MD training with MTU, but some sources say he's signed for our allied club Suphanburi. (details)
Adan Barakat (details)
Mario Djurovski (details)

Reported in press but yet to be confirmed by MTU:

Thai Port players Mongkol Namnuad and Todsapol Lated (details)

Guti - AM, last at Besitikas
Thai Port player Ekkapoom Potharungroj
Kone Muhamed - FWD, former MTU player, reportedly sold to TOT but now reports state MTU have a recall clause
Soumahoro Yaya "Toure" - Winger/FWD,  Currently playing for KAA Ghent

Confirmed out:
Robbie Fowler - ST, India
Zesh Rehman - CB,Hong Kong
Ahnon Sangsanoi - (ST, Korat 6/12 month loan)

A top MTU player to Europe. No details here as I don't want to fan this particular flame.

Players "out on loan" with unclear status:
Arthit - RB, Suphanburi (should return)
Ibrahim Striker, at PTT Rayong, supposedly a one season loan but nobody has mentioned him since.
Issoufau - Winger, half season loan at Phuket.
Kittipol Paphunga- MD sent to Suphanburi on a half season loan, no word since that I can recall.
Kaewruang GK at Suphanburi (I think) on a one season loan

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