Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kone returns and MTU still number 1

Though there have been no official announcements of either move, speculation is rife that Kone Muhammed will seal his return to MTU soon and talk in the north suggests Anon will be on his way to newly promoted Korat FC on "loan".

If Kone can produce his form of old, it will be a very smart move to bring him back. Likewise, it's wise to send out a striker who never really hit form at MTU.

Meanwhile, reports from the powers that be suggest that MTU are still the highest rated Thai team. That's nothing to be complacent about though. Buriram United are raising the stakes both on and off the pitch. We have resources to match them, a fantastic new stadium (not made from bleachers like the Yamaha or iMobile) and the know how is there. The reason that Buriram are getting ahead of us is, in my humble opinion, due to different cultural approaches. Buriram have welcomed progressive, outside input from various sources. We've stuck with more traditional methods such as signing big names that look good but can't do the business, trying to make overnight changes in personnel to produce instant success and sticking to a hierarchy mindset that allows certain people to exercise influence in areas they might not be specialised in. Now Rob is gone too, I hope we find some foreign staff to help us regain top spot and most importantly, I hope we let them get on with their job.

Former Thai Premier League champions Muangthong United is still the number one club in the South-East Asian for two consecutive months following the ranking of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics which announced in January with 108.0 points while ranking in the 140 in world"s ranking.
The International Federation of Football History and Statistics announced the world"s ranking of January 2012, which stated that the two-time Thai Premier League champions is still the number one club in the South-East Asian with 108.0 points as No. 11 in Asia and ranks the 140th in the world. Newly Thai champions Buriram United is ranked fourth with 79.0 points and ranks the 243th in the world while Chonburi FC is ranked third and the 204th in the world with 87.5 points.

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