Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MTU 1 Sriracha 1

A special dispatched report for Robbie Fowler who was in England for his team's clash with Sriracha, in which MTU were obligated to play a full strength, full-effort side due to Sriracha's relegation battle.

Before the game, Adnan Barakat (I think one of the scouts found him) was shown to the crowd. Seems like a good guy, hope you get to meet him sometime.

Sriracha had the better of the first half and came close several times (notably Dos Santos) but could not finish.

In the second half the visitors took the lead through Dudu but the joy was short-lived as Christian equalised soon after. The game thus ended one-all which condemned Sriracha to relegation.

Your boys did good but we need to get organised and ready for next season. Maybe you can send a few tips from India.

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