Monday, 21 March 2011

Osot 5 MTU 1 - Report

Luckily Tor doesn't harp on too much as his own team got thumped as well.

I've asked before and in the wake of this we need to ask again  - why did we loan out one of our fittest and most reliable defenders (Piyachart) to another team for a whole year with only an untested (in Thailand) European and a youth team player as cover?

One report also mentioned Pakasit had a nightmare. He was dropped in favour of Kaewprom last season so the team is evidently weaker with Pakasit back. To be fair though, I've never seen him have a bad game before.

Defending champions Muang Thong United were torn apart in the second half by the lively Osostspa team.

Pipat Tonkanya had put the home side in front in the 18th minute but Datsakorn Thonglao of Muang Thong made it 1-1 in the 33rd minute.

In the second half Osotspa went on a scoring spree with Marcio da Silva (50), Apipoo Sunthornpanavej (58), Lazaras Kaimbi (89) and Wannapol Bussapakom (90) all on target.

The result saw Osotspa move into third place while Munag Thong are struggling in 12th, with just one win from four matches.

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