Tuesday, 22 March 2011

MTU V PEA - fixture swap

From the OS, it is unclear why PEA agreed to the switch (unless they planned it for the new stadium) or why we need to do it if we are confident of taking six points.

Thailand Premier League Champions Muangthong United have accepted the fixture swapping request from TPL’s committees who would like to change a first-leg schedule between Buriram PEA and Kilins at I-mobile Stadium on Saturday March, 2nd [edit: they mean April 2nd] to play at the Yamaha Stadium instead.

Muangthong’s general manager Ronnarit Suewaja reveals about the issue, “I would like the supporters to try to understand our decision to host the first match because our league fellow’s venue still not ready to use and It does not breaking any TPL’s rules. I think we play the first match in our venue would be advantaged for us because we need to close the gap with leading group in the table.

I can say that we will strengthen our squad before the end of transfer window to make sure that we’re capable to defending our title, so I confident that we’re good enough to get all six points from Buriram PEA. Finally, I would like to apologize our fans for unconveniency from this changing. Ronnarit added.

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