Monday, 7 February 2011

Kawin plays in 2-2 draw

'thong drew 2-2 with Chai Nat FC in a game that saw Kawin Thamasatchanan return to competition in the second half.

This was the only good news however in a game that MTU fans were very critical of. Coach Carlos is already experiencing criticism from a group of fans not known for being harsh.
Carlos has the chance to quickly redeem himself in the next game however as the serious business now begins - an ACL qualifier away to Sriwicha (Indonesia) on Feb 12th.


  1. Uh-oh. This won't stop me from getting my season tickets. But one can't help but wonder if a draw to a newly promoted Division 1 team isn't an omen of a long season ahead. (And not just because of the schedule.)

  2. Hi Ben,
    Yes we have to try not to panic. We were equally poor in pre-season last year and for the same reason (lots of new faces) but I had more faith in Rene than I do with Carlos.

  3. Here are the highlights from the Chai Nat game:

    (It's at the bottom of the text)

  4. not Sriwicha (Indonesia)but sriwijaya