Sunday, 6 February 2011

In good hands

The move to purchase Songkhla's goalie Wisanusak Kaewrueng and then immediately loan him out to TOT seems a very smart choice. The young keeper obviously has potential and it would be discouraging for him to warm the bench for a whole year. The only worry is that "loans" in Thailand often turn out to be permanent affairs simply because neither side can be bothered to revoke or recall the loan. I think this case is an exception though. Piyachart's loan to BEC Tero may be a different story.

Getting back to Wisanusak, the move also has overtones. It comes very shortly after Kawin's return to full training which is a very encouraging sign, as it suggests the coaches expect Kawin to be available.

On the down side, the choice of TOT as the loanee club infers they may not be moving away from the Thunderdome for a while, The TPL fixtures place TOT at the TD for the first leg of the season, and back at Cheang Watthana for the second leg. Why the club can play friendlies at their own ground - complete with floodlights - but not full games is a mystery, especially after they had well over one year to prepare. I only hope they made a big contribution to our renovations.


  1. Good news Greg. The latest fixture list (Feb 1st) has TOT only playing a couple of matches on your patch. The last is 3rd April. Then the next home game they have is 28th April at Chaeng Wattana.

  2. That is good news indeed! Of course we have to wait until it happens to be sure, though.