Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Deftones fans riot at the Thunderdome

Fans of one of my favourite bands rioted at the home of my favourite team. Strange days...

Hundreds of concert-goers rioted last night after cancellation of a concert by American metal band Deftones.
Angry fans threw bottles and glasses, damaged furnishings and smashed glass windows at the concert venue, the Thunder Dome in Muangthong Thani, after being informed about the bad news at about 3pm. Thousands of the disappointed concert-goers went home, while the remaining fans went berserk. Many policemen later arrived at the scene to keep order.
It remained unclear what caused the cancellation. One source said it was because the band's manager found the stage wasn't up to standard, and that the band's equipment could not be used with Thailand's electricity voltage.
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As far as I know and saw, the Stadium was untouched. Violence cannot be condoned, but the authorities must accept some responsibility for telling a large group of metal fans that a long-awaited concert was cancelled just hours from the scheduled time without so much as a reason, apology or compensation. I hope they learn their lesson before Slash's gig....

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