Friday, 24 December 2010

Pipat leads the way

Pipat Waramethpipat is a leader at the MTU fan club and can be found at any game with megaphone in hand, none of those dancing antics mind you! Pipat also speaks excellent English and works hard to make any new fans - Thai or farang - feel welcome. He's been with the club since Division 2 so that's a lot of new fans!

No fear for Pipat
For the last few weeks Pipat has been leading fans of all Thai clubs in a protest against the incompetent tribe at the Thai FA and the problems they have caused the Thai national team by pointless fixture rearrangements, the introduction of the Toyota League Cup halfway through a season and general lack of organisation.

Thai FA President Worawi Makudi claimed the fixture congestion towards the end of last season was caused by postponements due to rain and political upheaval. It is, simply, not true.

Fans united
It's good to see fans united for the good of Thai football and I know every farang fan I have spoken to supports the peaceful protest.

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  1. Good on the guy for organising the protest but I feel it will fall on deaf ears. The tossers at HQ will continue as usual.

    John Holt - Pattaya United