Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Christmas blog 2010

Hands up if you think FIFA are bent!
This is normally the time when I type a big, soppy Christmas entry for my blog. This year, I'll spare you.

Last year we visited the Ban Kruu Noi over the festive season.  This year, it will be the Mercy Centre. The Mercy Centre is a charity that provides homes, schooling and support for children from poor areas, children with HIV and abandoned, orphaned, or trafficked children. You can visit them at It's run by a religious figure but you don't need to be religious to support them, I'm Agnostic myself.

The Centre always require support, not just in cash but anything that is of use to small Thai kids including books, clothes, milk and any form of education or laughter. So I want to ask anyone who has found this blog useful, helpful, informative or of any other positive use at any time: do you have just a little cash to spare for a damn good cause? Even one hundred baht (two quid, three dollars) would make a difference but of course more is always welcome.

The Centre can be contacted directly for bank transfer details or if you're near Bangkok and have a couple of hours free, why not make a visit yourself? Or if that's not practical, how about finding a good cause nearer to home and spreading a little good cheer?

Regardless of anybody's decision, I hope everyone enjoys the Yuletide. I'll be spending it with family in Thailand (no return home until next year) and looking forward to many things, including the 2011 season.

So whoever and wherever you are, all that's left is for me to wish you a very, very Merry Christmas!

Well, except Pompey fans, obviously.

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