Monday, 1 November 2010

The elephant in the room.... is it speaking?

For those who can read Thai, I would welcome input.

This article on the OS explains that if MTU beat Sisaket in the TLC, they will face Buriram PEA next round. What makes the article interesting is actually the comments from readers at the foot of the page that appear to be discussing what Thais would call a "dark hand" in Thai football, either that or it is some sort of fear of Thai Port fans being expressed. I can't understand it well enough. If it's the former, this is the first time I've heard Thai fans openly discuss this.

Like I said, if anyone can give exact translations, please do.


  1. Greg -
    My translation guesses:
    #4(Pronthep) makes some reference to certain fans should go watch the leagues in Iraq or Afghanistan where a culture of throwing objects is more accepted(?). #11(Pekmuuangthong) seems to agree. I assume this is Port fans they're referring to, as #11 mentions BG.
    The other posts seem to a be mix of the usual 'my team will win' type thing, and a few discussing the number of PEA fans that will come, and that MTU fans need to turn out in force. However, UltraAnker (#8) seems to be questioning the number of 'genuine' fans in the PEA ranks, and claims the MTU Ultras would outnumber them.
    Artpitman (#13) asks,'What will the ref be like?' and seems to leave it there.

  2. Thanks Wolfie, that gives some insight.