Sunday, 31 October 2010

Strange goings on in FA Cup clash

Rene Desaeyere is reported to be very surprised regarding some of the officials' decisions in yesterday's cup match. I myself had noticed a very, very large amount of injury time being played and the OS now reveals that Christian received a truly bizarre red card (does this rule him out of the final?). Coach Ronarit told the OS:

"The referee had a terrible match, in particularly with the red card for Christian. The 4th referee allowed him to enter the field, but when he played the ball he returned he was given a red card. We definitely have to appeal this decision."


  1. Is entering the field of play without permission a sending off offence?

    I am fairly sure it isn't, even if the referee deemed it unsportsmanlike conduct that would only be a booking.

    Be interesting to know what he put in his reports, assuming they have referees reports in Thailand?

  2. Hi James,

    It may well be an offence but I'll bet my house that it's not normal for a ref to red card a player for doing it, especially when it was innocent and the fourth official had allowed him to enter!
    Something stinks about this.

  3. Greg,

    I actually spoke to Keith Hackett about this and he confirmed that entering the field of play is a yellow card offence.

    I assume the appeal was rejected by the Thai FA?

    Very surprising considering that a red card was quite clearly inappropriate, maybe the Thai FA have a policy of refusing to rescind red cards?