Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sisaket: the police state

Readers may recall that I had trouble getting in touch with supporters of Samut Songkhram FC a little while back as their fan sire required an answer to a bizarre question during registration.

Well, that has just been topped by Sisaket FC.

To be fair, the registration (to their fan site) itself was easy, what was more shocking was the email I received telling me that my registration could not be approved before I sent the administrator.....a copy of my ID Card! Oh but don't worry, if you don't have an ID card (as we British don't, and when Gordon Brown tried to make us, we sent him packing) you can send your student card instead.

It makes you wonder what the heck you'd have to do to buy a season ticket? Get vetted by the FBI?

So if you're a Sisaket fan willing to chat a bit without a full security check, feel free to get in touch on here or by email. I promise I'm not a terrorist.

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