Thursday, 24 June 2010

Muangthong Vs Samut Songkhram - pre-preview

Regular readers will know I usually try to interview a fan of the opposition before any home game to help us get to know each other a little better. Unfortunately, my efforts to do this with Samut Songkhram have been thwarted by their bizarre internet setup.

Their offical site has no forum, their Facebook group requires users to add them as a friend (as though they were one person) before communication and best of all, the unoffical fan site requires this question to be answered in the sign up process:

คุณรักปลาทูไหม ?
(Do you like tuna fish?)

My answers "yes" "no" and "What a stupid bloody question" were offered in both langauges only to be met with the response: "You failed to answer the verification question correctly". Apparently, you're only good enough to talk with these guys if you know the correct level of fondness for fish.

To make things worse, the ideal candidates for explaining love of fish - Portsmouth fans - are obviously not going to be jumping up to help me.

So if you are a) a Samut Songkhram fan or b) able to answer the riddle of the tuna fish then please, do get in touch and help.

If there are no takers, I'll just jump straight to a post match report next week.


  1. I don't think my answer of ฉัน เกลียดปลาทู (I hate mackerel) would be much use!

    It obviously has something to do with their nickname 'Pla too ka nong' or 'crazy mackerels'. I'm not sure why you need to answer a question to get on their facebook group though?!

    Very strange indeed!

  2. It is strange, I agree!

    The Facebook group just requires the 'add me as a friend' feature. It's their unofficial website with the unanswerable question.....