Friday, 23 July 2010

Gotken goes home

Not so much "see you later" as "never saw you at all"!

Muangthong have confirmed that Berkant Gotken has been sent back home (i.e. sacked) before his contract has expired with the club.

The Turkish-German striker never played for Muangthong and while the club are being unclear about the reasons, I've been told that's it's been obvious for some time that Berkant wasn't likely to see first team action.


  1. We can all breath more esily now. Perfect job for him though. No training, no playing - maybe you and I should apply to take over from him?!

  2. Hi Greg

    I heard that his wife is pregnant now, so he would like to have time to look after her.

  3. Yes it's a shame the way it all worked out but as the old saying goes, there's other fish in the sea.....