Thursday, 22 July 2010

Chonburi Vs Muangthong United - Preview

Last time it was first against second, this time the second placed team are at home.  Chonburi and Muanthong meet once again in a match that could be even more vital than last time.

The team:
Chonburi have already been introduced. After their heavy defeat in the last meeting, they bounced back with an excellent run of form. However, like Muangthong, they've since stumbled. MTU dropped two points at Army and lost to Police. Chonburi beat Police but lost at in-form Buriram and then lost again at Army last week. That defeat, alongside our demolition of Sisaket, leaves us three points ahead of the 'Sharks'  and of course, with a big head-to-head advantage. That gap makes it all the more imperative for Chonburi to win this one.

Who to watch:
No prizes for guessing the personnel I need to mention here. Michael Byrne was the subject of transfer speculation that seems to have died down. If he didn't appear in this fixture it would be most telling. If he does appear, what are the odds we will suffer for it? On the opposite side, arguably the best player in Thailand, Yaya, will play what's almost certainly his final game for the Quilins. Last time he almost solely tore Chonburi's defence to shreds. The Sharks will likely have a new game plan this time, but will it be enough?

Can Yaya do it for MTU one last time?

What to watch:

As well as the battle mentioned above, there's sure to be another big match atmosphere for this game. Away fans have been allocated a sector normally given to home fans. We're grateful for that and it should add to the noisy excitement.

I call:
It all depends on how Chonburi respond to the pressure of the occasion. The home side know a defeat would, in effect, create an unbridgeable seven point gap at the top. A motivated and confident Chonburi side would likely force a draw and that's what I'll go with, a two-all draw.

The Chonburi fan site has a good interview with Steve Darby who gives his thoughts on Sunday's big game.


  1. Mate - it's Kone's picture on the above article

  2. Thanks Matt,
    In my defence the official site used it in an article on Yaya, too! :-)

  3. PS: Picture now changed.