Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Time for new faces?

Amongst the euphoria after last night's stunning victory lies one concern - the thin squad.

In pre-season Muangthong looked to have both quality and depth with new signings such as Datsakorn, Gotken, and Christian joining the ranks. Some signings have proven useful while others have not, but what really seems to be taking its toll on the squad is the combination of injuries, suspensions and the restrictions on foreign players used per game.
The forward line is taking it particularly hard with Kone suffering a stress fracture, Teerasil still bidding to return to full fitness and some of the attacking minded new signings simply failing to make an impact so far.

In the midfield, Zaizen is unfortunately not able to play a full ninety minutes (we knew this before we signed him and it is in no way a criticism of the player) and Pitchipong and Piyachart seem to pick up knocks.

All this with a high number of games to play including AFC, TPL and soon the FA Cup. Perhaps now is a time to bring in some loan signings to bolster the tired squad?


  1. Who could they bring in Greg?

    One thing i'd like to suggest is that Thai clubs and other ASEAN member clubs try and link up with clubs in Australia, so you could loan in a few guys during there close season.

    Other than that, your stuck with the Thai borders and I don't think many clubs would let there performing players leave at this point. Maybe the mid-season break, but by then, in some cases, it could be to late.